RSF-324 Alloy 4 Section Tripod & RSH-61/30 Ball Head

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RSF-324 Alloy 4 Section Tripod & RSH-61/30 Ball Head

Price: 124.95

RSF-324 Alloy 4-Section Tripod

This a 4 section professional alloy tripod that is the next logical step up for discerning photographers who realise the necessity for the best support available for their equipment.
Redsnapper tripods set the standard for professionals and advanced amateurs. The aluminium range has been completely revised with new features and materials in order to offer lighter, faster and more stable supports.

The centre pole is reversible allowing your camera to be positioned close to the ground OR you can change to the optional short centre column that is included to get you 'low down'. It also has a sprung loaded hook to hang a weight from to give more stability to the tripod.
The tripod comes with a quality padded case.

The legs are adjusted and locked via a very robust flip lock system.

The rubber foot has the advantage of converting to a metal spike for secure footing by simply exchanging for the spiked feet that are included with the tripod kit.

RSH-61/30 ball head is a very robust all metal product.
This is the updated version of the hugely popular RSH-61 ball head.
It's size belies it's strength and it's movement is so fluid that it could be mistaken for an actual fluid controlled head.
The panning base is smooth in operation and is lockable with the twist of a knob.
There are now 3 spirit levels placed to allow levelling in all planes.
You have fast aiming and framing control just by releasing and locking a single knob. Two other knobs control the 360-degree panning base and the amount of ball friction required whilst moving your camera.
The RSH-61/30 utilises the same QR plate that is used on the Redsnapper RSH-12 ball head thus giving customers who need a smaller lighter head the facility to change at ease without having to change or buy QR plates.
Go to HEADS page for spare QR plates

Operating instructions can be found on the Snapper Blog page