2-Axis Macro Head


Dimensions: 215 x 55 x 40mmWeight: 770gmsTravel: 90mm X-axis40mm Y-axis

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Redsnapper 2-Axis Macro Head. Redsnapper focusing rails are an indispensable accessory for macro photography that offer precise movements for macro work. The rail provides 90mm of precise movement in the fore and aft axis and 40mm in the side axis within a total unit length of 215mm.It can be mounted on any tripod or on any head QR plate with a 1/4, or 3/8, thread.To mount your equipment to the rail it comes with an Arca size and style dovetail clamping unit and QR plate.Using a bespoke macro head saves time and improves results when shooting precise macro work. It becomes essential when using lenses in the “reversed” position, for extreme macro work.Larger bespoke macro heads are available up to a rail length of 1000mm and rail width of 116mm. Call or email for pricing.Please note these macro heads are built in our factory in the UK. Please call for lead time.(Ball head not included)

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