Just Sensor Cleaning Starter Pack – TYPE 2


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For x1.5 / x1.6 sensorsSensor Cleaning Starter Kit for Digital SLRs with Type 2 (17mm) Sensor Swabs For cameras with a 1.5/1.6 multiplier sensor.This is a low-cost but extremely safe kit for cleaning the sensor in a Digital SLR Camera.The kit is ideal for the photographer cleaning a sensor for the first time. The kit is supplied with comprehensive, illustrated instructions and comprises of our small blue blower. This is used initially to clean dry dust from the sensor. Also included are 4 Sensor Swabs from Photographic Solutions and a bottle of Eclipse cleaning fluid. The Sensor Swabs and Eclipse are used together to remove any residual contamination after using the blower. Photographic Solutions guarantee that using Sensor Swabs and Eclipse will not harm the sensor. This kit contains Type 2 Sensor Swabs 17mm in width and suitable for cameras with 1.5/1.6 multiplier Sensors including Canon D30/D60/10D/20D/30D/40D/50D/300D/350D/400D/450D/500D/1000D/7D Nikon D40/D50/D60/D70/D80/D90/D5000/D3000/D1H/D1X, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Sony ( not 850/900)

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